End the Depression with Ragi Malt ( moms please read)

“End the Depression with Ragi Malt”

Om Sri Kalika devyai Namaha.
Om Sri Guru Devaya Namaha.

Indians have so many ways to deal with very delicate issues of this society.

Old aged indian mother’s are experts in dealing with day to day problems.it could related to mind , body , bones, nerves or any other organ.

They have a solution right in their kitchen . This is the reason Indian mom’s kitchen is filled with variety of ingridients.

Today I will tell you A secret recipe that puts an end to depression and suisidal behaviour. Indian moms feed this recipe to New born babies, elders, teenagers, adults, angry wife, angry husband, angry child, a crying child, non sleeping teens , suisidal adult and so on…

There are so many adults who are under severe frustration and revenge. They go to extreme ends to satisfy their frustration.

The signs of depression .The body always wants to listen and watch sad movies , sad shows, sad music filled with depressed words .unfortunately they are few souls who make music that is completely filled with happy and motivated words .

This secret recipe gives the control of family .

Indian moms rule their family.

Why Indian mom’s feed this recipe to New borns?

Women does not want the house to be filled with baby cries and sleepless nights all the time.

A good Women always wants to keep her home calm.

So Indian moms especially from South India , feed Ragi Java ( Finger Millet malt) to everybody in their family.It’s a daily routine.A glass full (200ml) is just enough for a day for one person who is aged between 12-100.If it’s a child just a small bowl is enough.Quantity is dependant on the size of stomach of a person .

Finger Millet prepared in the form of malt gives anti- depressant benefits .if it changes the form the recipe may not work as mentioned.

This recipe smoothens the inside walls of stomach, intestines. When the walls of stomach are not smooth it creates irritation and frustration in the mind.

Women use moisturising creams to soften the outer layers of skin to keep it smooth and dirt free.

This recipe moistens the walls of stomach.It acts like Border Security force. When the border security wall of territory is weak the enemy may break through the walls and attack us. The enemy attacks of stomach/ intestines are resulted in mind( Frustraion/depression)

Take small bowl full of water , add two spoons of finger Millet powder into the bowl.Mix it.once the powder is fully mixed in water with no lumps, keep it aside.Take a sause pan.Boil 300ml of water .once the water is hot pour the mixture that we kept aside. Now stir the water in pan continuously.The mixture will turn it’s colour into more deep.Keep stirring until it becomes thick like a malt( like condensed milk ) .it just takes 4-5 minutes for changing a it’s consistency.

Now you can enjoy the recipe.

Indian moms serve this Malt to entire family during breakfast. After having this recipe every member of the family comes under the control of their mother, the kids, the husband, the elderly , the servants.A Mother’s true motto is to keep her family healthy, strong and moving all the time in all ages.

Because their mind and body has become calm.They do their day to day jobs perfectly and sleep happily by the end of the day.
This recipe keeps the nerves calm inducing good night sleep.

Most of the Indian Doctors drink this recipe to keep them calm , worry and frustration free all day.Many patients with so many illnesses visit a doctor’s place.Doctor’s should be calm in the first place to keep them going along with various patients through out the day.

A Happy family is always a good healthy family.You may have noisy neighbours who keep shutting their noisy doors with anger all the time.But this recipe keeps your mind away from external noise.This malt has so many other benefits like it improves so many minerals in the body.

“A good healthy recipe changes the power and Aura of a family”

Are you unable to control your child?
Just feed finger Millet malt( ragi Java) every day.Your child will be peacefully under your control .

Is your teenage child always depressed?
Please feed Ragi Malt every day.You will be happy to see him happy in just a week .

Ragi malt treats
Suisidal thoughts, behaviour
Extreme behaviour
Excessive thoughts

Written by
Sri Radhananda Kali Yogini
Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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