Unvarying Uniform Energy (Real Shakti Energy)

Lord Shiva is worshiped in his linga form.
There is a great spiritual significance to it.

So many people from the past have compared linga to what ever they thought of . But the Universal Mother Sri Adiparashakti initiated linga worship for higher spiritual seekers .

Just observe the image of lord Shiva’s meditative pose .He just sits in a crossed legged posture, with his arms resting on his both legs.when we observe this image for some time we will be able to see energy in the shape of egg or linga around him. The energy of lord Shiva is in the form of Linga . We worship his energy in the form of Linga or egg.

Only a higher spiritual seeker would understand the real significance of Linga. Rest of the people understand it as just a part of Lord Shiva’s various Avatars.

Lord Shiva was the first yogi to create Aphorisms for enlightenment .Those sutras are called ” Ashtanga yoga”. The eight limbs for enlightenment.

3.Asana – (Aligning all bones, organs of body and releasing redundant energies.)
4.Prathyahara – Withdrawing Sensual Energy
5.Dharana – Trataka ( One pointed External concentration)
6.Dhyana – (One pointed Internal third eye concentration)
7. Yoga – (Merging with Universal self)
8. Samadhi – (Empty of mind,it becomes graveyard.)

I will create separate articles for each of these limbs .

Most of the human bodies are filled with lot of emotions. Even some people label others just by their emotions .

What are these emotions ?

These are called various emotions that are present in our body.

“That means these are our energy fragments”

when we are anger we can bring that fragmented energy to the surface and vent it on others . This energy fragment enters from one body to victims body thus making them angry bird too. This has become an endless process . Fragmented emotional energies are expressed through speech and they travel from one human body to other human body.This is an infinite travelling process of fragmented emotional energies.This is an endless cycle.we also called it as Samsara( the endless circle)

You just have understood how human energy works that brings unlimited sadness to us .

Do you know how Gods Goddesses and Yogis , Rushis use their energy?

They first stop energy fragmentation in their body.

The process of Dharana( constant external gazing at a point , Sun , light , self) stops the energy fragmentation in our body.So we have ended the cycle of Emotions here.

We also call it and abundant emotional release . The real emotional release happens when our energy becomes non-fragmented whole like Lord Shiva’s Linga.

We have to fill the breaks in our energy and become whole like shiva Linga.

Initially the Universal Mother Shri AdiParaShakti Kali created the universe .She just released a ball of energy from her to create the universe. She is the only one who knows how to create perfect energy beings with no holes or brakes.So only she is known and Shakti.A female can’t keep secrets .She reveals all the secrets of this Universe to her devotees.

Do you know how the universal Mother Kali Uses her Energies ? Infact any other divine being?

The Universal Mother Kali doest not have any fragmented energies in her Divine being .

When she has to kill a demon she just Transforms her whole being into an angry one.

So that her anger becomes uncontrollable to any God, even to shiva.After sometime her whole being turns into a loving one .

She is the Mother of this universe and she knows past, present and future. She knows the timing to kill a demon, because demons are from her creation itself.She just turns her whole being into an angry one just for some time.when the time is over her energies turn back to Normal state Loving state. ( It’s just like a scheduled task ) We know that energy can be manipulated.

A normal human with excessive evil qualities puts a veil of innocence on face and speak honey filled words of manipulation to fulfill their personal material needs.

A yogi turns his/her whole being to certain emotion only for few minutes when needed by universe otherwise they act emotions just for the well-being of a disciple.

Yogis and God’s are not emotional beings.

Shri MahaVishnu can traverse his state of mind for months just for the well being of universe to kill the demons. When lord Vishnu appeared on this earth as Shri Narasimha the angry God, he just took that angry form only for few minutes and vanished back to Vaikunta as Shri MahaVishnu the loving one.

Do you know why the Goddess Mohini is so enchantingly attractive ?

She is the Avatar of lord MahaVishnu.

He turned his whole energies into magnetic to attract the asuras during ocean churning process.

Even lord Shiva himself was extremely attracted to Goddess Mohini. This is the power of wholeness.

Yogis turn their whole energy into what ever they want , normal humans fragment their energies .

United Energy – Vibrating as one united force throughout the body

Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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