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Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham is a Spiritual organisation located at Vejendla Village in the state of Andhra Pradesh.Our Junior Abbess Sri Radhananda Kali performs weekly Homa at the temple for the welfare of Humanity.we write Books, Articles, Blogs related to Spirituality.We release spiritual videos,podcasts very often in Telugu and English languages.we Teach Bhakti and Ashtanga yoga to people with Ancient methods for spiritual Transformation.



This event is celebrated at Peetham every year on the day of Ugadi which falls on the month of Chaitra ( March-April).We perform Abhisheka to the idols of Gods and Goddess at the Temple and Mark a fresh start of the year with more Spiritual power.

We celebrate Navaratri every year on the month of Ashwini or Ashwiyuja masa. On these nine days we recite Sanskrit hymns filled with mantras to the main Goddesses of Peetham. A fire sacrifice (Homa) is performed everyday to the goddess Kali. We do free Yagya to our devotees at the temple.God is free so our service is free.On 10th day we perform Chandi Homa then finish the nine day ritual with Poornahuti at Vijaya Muhurta

Swami Kalyanam

This is an yearly event at Peetham.On the day of Ugadi we do Kalyanam to SRI BHU Sametha Sri Venkateshwara Swamy . Anyone can watch Kalyanam for free physically or virtually.We perform Annadanam ( free food distribution )to nearly 10000 devotees on this day for free.A big Flower sacrifice service is held to Swami after Kalyanam. This flower sacrifice service is performed tons of fresh flowers and Tulsi.All those fresh flowers offered to gods will be given to every devotee for free.This event starts at 9am and end at 2pm on Ugadi day every year.We are strict with timetables so the time and services remains same every year.

Spiritual Practices

We perform Fire sacrifice (yagya)every week and on every festival day.

Sri Radhananda Kali YOGINI

Daily Mantra chanting and Meditation are our daily practices.

Sri Radhananda Kali YOGINI

Our Work

  • Hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul
    hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul Hungry for food, money, Jewellery, games, assets, lands, houses, designs, paintings, art, machines, cars, bikes, autos, planes, skies, planets, rockets, chairs, plants, knowledge, air, meat, blood, water, beauty, celebrities, movies, series, channels, apps, discoveries, footwear, walls, armor, military, fame, dialogue, books, hospitals, treatments, remedies, recipes, formulas, secrets, gossips, stories, murders,Continue reading “Hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul”
  • మహా కర్మ చక్రం
    కర్మచక్రం KARMA CHAKRAM మోసాలభారం జన్మలు అంటే ఆకలి – ఆత్మ అంటే సంతృప్తి కర్మచక్రం అనగానే మీకు కర్మచక్రం యొక్క ఆకృతి అర్థం అయ్యి వుంటుంది.అవును, కర్మచక్రం circle అంటే వృత్తాకారంలో వుంటుంది.మహాకర్మచక్రం అనేక చిన్నా-పెద్దా కర్మచక్రాలతో నిండి వుంటుంది.ప్రతి జీవికి ,వారి వారి కర్మలకి సంబంధించిన మహాకర్మచక్రం ఒకటి వుంటుంది.దానిని అనుసరించే అనేక జన్మలు ఏర్పడతాయి.జీవి యొక్క మహాకర్మ చక్రాన్ని భగవంతుడు – భగవతి మాత్రమే ,అంటే దేవతలు చూడగలరు. “మహాకర్మచక్రం’ అనేది అతిContinue reading “మహా కర్మ చక్రం”
  • The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )
    The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple ) karmaremoval #Karmas #trataka dharana #openeyemeditation #adikrishna #krishna #radhakrishna #kali #hinduism #dharma #astangayoga #thirdeye #threeeyes #mergingeyes #divine Dharana means a continuous flow of Divine Energy. Dharana has been practiced by humans for eons to burn all KARMAS. A SOUL has to burn its KARMA every day to leadContinue reading “The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )”

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